I have honed my perception of matter, movement, density and human relations over the years. Here are some key moments which come to mind spontaneously:


  • My discovery of classical dance, my first great passion, at the age of 12, a veritable revelation. Opening up awareness of my body through extremely precise exercises, movements, stretching and manipulation.
  • The generosity of a person who one day took me in their arms with such spontaneity and such love that I felt enveloped in warmth, humanity, security and intense joy. This moment has stayed with me forever.
  • The sensation, while swimming one morning, of being at one with the water, of feeling its resistance and my pushing against it, and the need to hone my movements thanks to these new perceptions…
  • A moment of grace, when one morning I was bathing my little boy, hardly a month old, when I felt the need to make all the moves related to this process consciously, with as much precision, care and gentleness as possible, forgetting time… A moment out of time… Just magical.


Career history

Over 28 years spent working for an airline, basically in local management positions, I acquired rich business and human experience and satisfied my thirst for long-distance trips…

And then one day I felt a pressing need to explore new avenues, to take control of my own life and become completely independent through a new profession… I wanted to learn to master manual techniques connected with well-being, to work wherever the wind took me, to enjoy freedom and exercise this new profession as long as possible, beyond the retirement age…

Chance, meetings, my aspirations and my intuition led me to where I am now. Everything seems clearer and more logical. Obvious.




Dynamic, inquisitive, always moving.

I regularly dance Argentinian tango, and I am starting out with Qi-Gong.

The practice and learning of foot reflexology led me to study the basics of traditional Chinese medicine. A new subject to impassion me.

I am attracted by all forms of artistic expression, in particular dance, which has always fascinated me. Argentinian tango is a demanding, rigorous exercise with a complex technique. It involves the mind being ready to listen to the other in the most intimate, subtle way, beyond the movement and the rhythm.


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