My inspirations

My teachers and mentors, meetings that have influenced my path:


Régine Ferrère, director of the Régine Ferrère school of beauty, cosmetics and perfumes

Fabienne Vouille, teacher at the Régine Ferrère school of beauty, cosmetics and perfumes

Elske Miles, teacher, speaker, aroma-therapist, reflexologist, doctor of French literature and phyto-energy expert

Dominique JACQUEMAY, traditional Chinese medicine practitioner, creator of lympho-energy and the “douceur du monde” (“Gentleness of the World”) massage, Qi Gong teacher and writer

Jean Pelissier,”Chinese nutrition” trainer, traditional Chinese medicine practitioner, teacher, writer and speaker

Philippe Alonzo & Cédric Heitz of Oxyzen, lympho-energy and “Gentleness of the World” massage teachers

Doctor Shogo Mochizuki, teacher. Successor to the 26th master of the art of KOBIDO.

Christophe Topalian, Director and teacher at the Shen school in Paris, the only traditional Chinese medicine training body in France to have signed an agreement with Beijing University, specifically the International School of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and Pharmacology.



What nourishes and inspires me, my bedside reading

Le grand Jeu de la Vie by Jean Pélissier

L’art de la méditation by Matthieu Ricard

The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying by Sogyal Rinpoché

Trois amis en quête de sagesse by Christophe André, Alexandre Jollien, Matthieu Ricard

Méditer jour après jour by Christophe André

L’art de la simplicité by Dominique Loreau

Les huiles essentielles pour les nuls by Elske Miles

Books by Mirakami, Le Clézio …

… And so many others …


Favourite guided meditations

Jonathan Lehmann


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