For women and men, for adolescents and also for athletes. For anybody who does yoga or qi gong, as well as dance or any other activity to boost the circulation of energy. For anybody who seeks to eat healthily and is aware of organic concepts. And simply for anybody who wants to look after themselves and treat themselves to a moment of well-being…


My menu includes a set of energy massages whose primary aim is profound relaxation, favouring a state of homeostasis, energetic renewal of the body, boosting blood and lymphatic circulation:

South African foot reflexology

 60′ : 70 euros

A real source of well-being, a state of profound relaxation, this reduces stress and insomnia. Harmonising all the body’s systems.

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Chinese foot reflexology

60’ : 70 euros

Working in depth on the soles of the feet, including the legs up to the knee. Evens out the amount of yin and yang energy in the internal organs.

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45′ : 100 euros

Restores microcirculation in tissues, boosts natural production of collagen, tones the skin, smooths out wrinkles, acts on the oval of the face. Calms the mind, providing great unwinding and profound relaxation.

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Kobido authentic massage packs:

5 sessions: 450 euros

10 sessions: 850 euros

Douceur du Monde® (Gentleness of the World) massage

60′ : 90 euros
90′ : 120 euros

Anti-stress effleurage, Ayurvedic techniques, Korean relaxation manoeuvres, Thai massage, finger pressure points, reflexology…

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Drainage Lympho-Energie Corps® (body energy lymphatic drainage)

75′ : 85 euros

Streamlining the silhouette, lightening legs, improving circulation, reducing cellulite, diminishing water retention, restoring vitality, anti-stress…


Drainage Lympho-Energie Visage® (face energy lymphatic drainage)

45′ : 55 euros

Wrinkles are smoothed out, health restored to the skin, leaving it suppler and better moisturised, the oval of the face is redrawn, its colouring lightened, the mind is calmed…



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Lympho-Energie® packs

5 facial sessions: 250 euros

10 facial sessions: 450 euros

5 body sessions 75′: 385 euros

10 body sessions 75′: 725 euros

Face sculpting: Jakov Gershkovich sculptural face lifting.

60′ : 120 euros

Face sculpting is an anti-ageing massage that sculpts the face from both outside and inside : sculptural part 40′ and intraoral part 20′.


5 session rate: 540 euros

10 session rate: 1 020 euros

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Discover our TUI-NA-AN-MO massages, too

*Non-therapeutic comfort and well-being massage


Students/young people (under 27 years old) 20% off all services