How the service works

The client is welcomed into a “cocooning” place in order to maximise unwinding and relaxation. I offer a tea, a herbal tea or a coffee to make sure there is a rest time and an exchange lasting about 15 minutes can take place.

Foot reflexology begins with a perfumed foot bath with essential oils and, according to needs, aided by either coarse salt or magnesium chloride. An individual monitoring sheet is filled in by each client.

I present to every new client the technique associated with their chosen treatment, how it works and the benefits it offers. I take 10 minutes at the end of the session for the client to get dressed in peace and discuss with me their feelings about their treatment.


The products I use: those from AROMAZONE, basically essential and massage oils


The music I play during my treatment

My best of:

Fabrice Tonnelier, l’esprit libre


Michel Pépé, la pureté de l’esprit


Romantic music:


Herbie Hancock, River Joni letters


The waterboys: fisherman’s blues