Gentleness of the World massage

A massage rooted in the most beautiful oriental traditions.


A veritable choreography of movements that brings together a series of different traditional massages in a single technique.


106 manoeuvres come together harmoniously:

  • anti-stress effleurages,
  • Ayurvedic manoeuvres (Indian tradition),
  • Korean relaxation movements (gentle vibrations),
  • Thai massage (stretching),
  • finger pressure points (pressure on the Chinese meridians),
  • reflexology.

Every movement in the Douceur du Monde® (Gentleness of the World) massage shows the professionalism and artistic ability of its creator.


This massage is a ritual with oil practised on the table.

It is an ocean of well-being, generous in length, where all is fluid and harmonious.

Without ever leaving contact, always with the same guiding principle, like a stroll around the body. It leaves one with a wonderful feeling of relaxation.

Nothing is left to chance: the hand position and contact, the nuances of pressure, but also the position of the practitioner.

As in the oriental traditions, the movement comes from the centre of the body. It involves and tirelessly follows the different rhythms of gesture, like a dance.

A whole range of subtleties that one rarely learns in massage schools and which make all the difference.


Contraindications: Massage aimed at people in good health.

It should not therefore be used with pathologies of any kind. In case of doubt, take medical advice:

Fever and inflammation, infections, high arterial pressure, hernias, all skin injuries, bone injuries, circulatory problems (phlebitis, varicose veins), people with grafts, on dialysis, with cancer or AIDS, under medication or diabetic, depression sufferers and pregnant women with certain precautions.


60′ : 90 euros
90′ : 120 euros


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