Chinese foot reflexotherapy

Chinese foot reflexotherapy or foot massage forms part of the theoretical framework of traditional Chinese medicine.


The first goal is to even out the amount of yin and yang energy in the internal organs. It is a technique that explains the circulation of life energy in the body through the theory of meridians. The energy logic underlying Chinese techniques is based on the fundamental principles of TCM: that of yin and yang and that of the 5 principles.

The technique reflects the concerns of the traditional oriental spirit, in particular the idea of youth, hence the importance of keeping the tendons supple and freeing the joints, because suppleness and freedom are signs of rejuvenation.


Chinese skin massage helps with:

  • Profound relaxation, stress reduction
  • Improving venous return circulation and the feeling of heavy legs
  • It helps to eliminate toxins.
  • Relieving muscular tensions
  • Quick relief of most painful symptoms whatever their origin
  • Stimulating self-healing reactions in affected internal organs, so boosting the organism’s major functions: breathing, digestion, elimination and hormonal regulation
  • Playing a preventive role by reinforcing the immune defences.




Phlebitis, high fever, acute liver and kidney failure, cancer, pregnant women, young children, heart problems, lower limb trauma, bone spurs and heel spurs.

These well-being massage techniques for non-therapeutic purposes are linked solely with relaxation and are not for medical purposes. It is important to consult your doctor before considering a massage if you are pregnant or suffer from some illness.


60′ : 70 euros


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