Face and body energy lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage associated with Chinese energy.


Results: effectively combats stress, loss of vitality, circulatory issues, cellulite and water retention.

The method of drainage known as Lympho-Energie® was perfected by Dominique Jacquemay after 15 years of research and practice.

Lymph is the true “elixir of life” that allows our organism to purify and regenerate itself.
The lymphatic vessels are very fine and run just beneath the skin.

The Lympho-Energie® method aims to facilitate the natural self-purification of toxins in the body, in a gentle manner. It is distinguished by unique, fluid series of movements in “waves”.
These encourage lymphatic flow to speed up.
The dexterity of the lymphatic energy practitioner is of great importance. During the session, the practitioner is attentive to the person’s own liquid and energy flows.


Reinforcing the drainage effect by acupressure!

A task based on effleurages and stimulation of synergy points along the meridians carrying Qi (spleen, kidney, liver, etc.) serve to enrich the method.
It involves gentle, respectful, conscious and precise touching of the body.
This technique offers enormous relaxation and a pleasant feeling of the restorative effects on the body.


Strict contraindications: cardiac problems, phlebitis or thrombosis, high blood pressure, metabolic problems (water inflammation, autoimmune disorders at acute stage), bone injuries, fractures in the immediate phase, joint disorders (neck pain and headache), viral or bacterial infections, non-stabilised cancers, kidney failure, infections or cystitis, respiratory failure, skin diseases, eye diseases and gynaecological problems.

The Lympho-Energie method limits itself purely to the sphere of well-being, according the oriental concept, and does not resemble any western medical or paramedical practice.


Drainage Lympho-Energie Corps® (body energy lymphatic drainage)

75′: 85 euros


Drainage Lympho-Energie Visage® (face energy lymphatic drainage)

45′: 55 euros


Lympho-Energie® packs

5 facial sessions: 250 euros

10 facial sessions: 450 euros

5 body sessions: 385 euros

10 body sessions: 725 euros


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