Japanese authentic massage

A Japanese face care technique, inspired by the oriental concept that links beauty and health. In Asia, beauty has always been linked to an ideal state of health, an ideal balance between physical, psychological and spiritual health. It was developed to boost health and longevity. It places the emphasis on prevention. It eliminates toxins in the face and balances Ki (life force). It enhances the appearance of the face by bringing about a balance between the skin and the muscles thanks to massage techniques, gently stroking the meridians and exerting light pressure on certain tsubo points. All these movements make it possible to improve blood circulation and also oxygenate the face and release toxins and dead cells.

After the session, the neckline, neck and face are rubbed and the acupuncture points activated.

The massage will help to restore microcirculation in the face tissues and revive natural collagen production.

This is an effective treatment for dry or greasy skin, acne, wrinkles and migraine. It is a highly effective natural technique to counteract ageing of the skin on the face.



  • skin toning
  • muscle toning
  • stimulates blood circulation
  • reduces stress
  • enhances sleep
  • soothing thanks to the regulation of the cardiac rhythm and respiration.


It is a highly relaxing massage that allows you to really unwind.

From the age of 30, it prevents expression and dehydration lines

From the age of 40, it combats existing wrinkles and loss of skin density

From 45 onwards, it helps to combat marked wrinkles, loss of firmness and shine.


  • people suffering from cancer
  • during a migraine attack
  • during pregnancy
  • skin diseases
  • fever
  • cervical problems


45′ : 100 euros

5 session rate : 450 euros
10 session rate : 850 euros


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